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Brettspiel Scythe

Von hübschester Brettspiel-Schrott über sachlichere Kritik und der Frage, ist Scythe überhaupt das beworbene 4X-Spiel, wurde die ganze. Scythe (englisch für „Sense“) ist ein Brett- und Strategiespiel des amerikanischen Spieleautors Scythe − Das Brettspiel Scythe ist aus dem Jahr Finde den besten und günstigsten Preis für Scythe. Dann abonniere den Preisalarm für Scythe und du erhältst zeitnah nach einer bsf Brettspiel-Freunde​.

Scythe Brettspiel (DE)

Scythe. Sycthe, Feuerland Spiele. Regeln (Deutsch). Regel 2. Edition (PDF, 15 MB) Automa Soloregel (PDF, 15 MB) FAQ (PDF, MB) FL_Erfolgsprotokoll. Finde den besten und günstigsten Preis für Scythe. Dann abonniere den Preisalarm für Scythe und du erhältst zeitnah nach einer bsf Brettspiel-Freunde​. Von hübschester Brettspiel-Schrott über sachlichere Kritik und der Frage, ist Scythe überhaupt das beworbene 4X-Spiel, wurde die ganze.

Brettspiel Scythe Inhaltsverzeichnis Video

Scythe - 5 Spieler - Nachbesprechung / Meinungen der Spieler - Mitschnitt des Livestreams

Brettspiel Scythe Von aufstrebenden Wirtschafts- und Kriegsmächten — der Spielablauf. Kinderspiele Kostenlos Online Spielen Deutsch current version of the deck will work with any faction original or expansion. Thanks Christian!
Brettspiel Scythe

Darunter fallen die Voraussetzungen, Alois-Sperrer-StraГe 1, bevor Gewinne Brettspiel Scythe werden kГnnen. - Navigationsmenü

Erstickungsgefahr wegen verschluckbarer Kleinteile.
Brettspiel Scythe

Brettspiel Scythe Casino Bewertungen. - Inhaltsverzeichnis

OK Nein Weiterlesen. Anführer aus 5 Nationen treffen auf einem kleinen, aber sehr begehrten Stück Land aufeinander; wer verdient sich seine Lorbeeren, indem Spielautomat Mieten seine Nation als Führer Osteuropas etabliert? Hel Heldenschmiede Der Preis wird aktualisiert Im oberen Bereich werden durch Spielsteine beim Spielaufbau Boni verdeckt, im unteren Bereich kann man Ressourcen abdecken. Feuerland Spiele Scythe 10 bei | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Kennerspiel des Jahres , kooperatives Fantasy-Brettspiel ab 10 Jahren. In " Scythe" verkörpern 2 bis 5 Spieler (zusätzlich gibt es eine Solovariante, die ich allerdings nicht ausreichend getestet habe, um ein abschließendes und. Scythe (englisch für „Sense“) ist ein Brett- und Strategiespiel des amerikanischen Spieleautors Scythe − Das Brettspiel Scythe ist aus dem Jahr Von hübschester Brettspiel-Schrott über sachlichere Kritik und der Frage, ist Scythe überhaupt das beworbene 4X-Spiel, wurde die ganze.

Bullying them early in the game can be especially useful if the expansion faction near you is not used, since the Nords will most likely challenge you for it.

Unlike most other factions, we can stop this strategy in its tracks and send the Rusviets back to their base with just a power card that is around a 5.

As for strategy, the most obvious is rushing the township mech ability which will get you the factory quickly and area control over the middle of the map.

This is a huge advantage. With the starting location of the Rusviets, they can easily have all of their workers and a mech built by turn 5, so this strategy will take shape very quickly.

One key mechanic of township that can be overlooked: you can hop from any village to the factory to any other village you control. First, building all of your workers will make it harder to maintain popularity.

This is easily countered with enlistment bonuses and you should definitely keep that in mind. Timing your upgrades and mechs being built can help keep your efficiency high.

Their ability is great for quick swings in advantage but there is a key to using it: keep an open mind on what directions and tactics you will use to win.

The encounters can give you some great opportunities to change tactics mid-game and blindside your opponents. With the submerge and camaraderie mechs, Polania can use combat as an effective strategy to control the game as well.

The submerge mech will also give you some good deterrence by being able to move into water tiles when you want to avoid being attacked. In addition, the camaraderie mech allows you to be aggressive and place early combat stars or leave them to be placed last and end the game on whenever you are in a position to.

All without sacrificing any popularity. Being aggressive early on can lead to some great star placement leads without any real negatives.

Luckily, this faction has a lot of access to nearby faction homelands with the submerge ability. The Nords and Rusviets can actually be boxed in completely with good placement of units.

This ability can lead to some very interesting tactics that are hard to counter by the other factions. Then sometimes later in the game for moving across rivers into other faction homelands to claim those territories without much of a threat if those factions are inactive.

Because of the flexibility offered by the Nordic faction early in the game, I consider it the best faction for a new player to play.

The most obvious and one of the most effective uses of their faction ability is to spread workers out as quickly as possible.

Gathering resources off the starting tiles early in the and controlling the area can give the Nords a powerful start.

Are you surprised by the outpouring of support? What recommendation would you have for a guy like me to find a retail copy? Should I simply be patient with my local board game shop, or do you foresee a supply shortage to be an ongoing issue?

Over the last few months we actually initiated 3 reprints to keep up with demand, the first of which is arriving in stores this week then the next two in November and early December.

Good luck! Question: Is there a difference with the boardgame extension. Thanks Roman! This makes me think of Settlers of Catan. But it appears to add an aspect that I have always wanted in Catan and that is warfare.

I love the idea of battle mechs. I wanted to update you all on what we have heard from our distributor.

Jamey from Stonemeier Games is refusing to fulfill the groups order for this drop. Our distributor has let us know that they only received a small percentage of the total order.

At the time, I shared my thoughts on the Massdrop page you can still see those comments and how people responded to them.

Certainly not my finest moment. And I have nothing against anyone trying to get a good deal on Massdrop—I may have done the same in your situation.

They asked if I was okay with that. That was that. Massdrop basically accepted orders from customers with complete uncertainty as to whether or not they could actually fulfill those orders in a timely manner.

I want to maintain a healthy relationship with retailers, distributors, and customers. I was more than happy to pay the retail price for my pre-order of Scythe and its expansion.

You and Stonemaier Games really set a high standard for how a board game publishing company should be run. You really are an example to follow. Thanks Marc-Olivier!

Ordered Dials from MeepleSource to save me shipping costs of Resources. What does the Oct. Date of shipping to pre-orders, to retailers for them to ship to pre-orders?

Can you please clarify? Hi, Jamey. Thanks again for the speedy replies and for being so responsive. I was looking on here for a similar question I asked a week or two ago when the retail availability date was changed from the 20th to the 27th.

I saw in the newsletter that availability will be the 1st of November, since games shipped last Thursday. Is this an estimate or a best case depending on location?

Thanks again for being so awesome. Daniel: Yeah, sorry about the confusion. November 1 is a best-case scenario, though Chicago is pretty close to St.

It just depends on how quickly distributors get their games and how quickly they ship them to retailers. Holy cow!

Your dedication to communication with the fans continues to astound me. Thanks again for replying so quickly. Looking forward to a quiet game of Scythe after the intense weekend of Halloween antics.

Thanks, Jamey! Just wanted to add that I watched your How to Teach Scythe video. Excellent stuff. I struggle with teaching games since my group gets very antsy.

Thanks for the great peripheral content! I see that most of not all of your products state that they are shipped out from St. Louis and take roughly 2 weeks for delivery.

If I happen to live or be in close proximity to St. Louis, is it possible to skip that delivery time frame and pick them up locally?

All of our ala carte items are shipped from St. Louis, but nothing else is. I dont know how but i will buy this game and bring it to guatamala.

I have read a lot and sounds great, its really dificult to find this type of games here in my country. Any chance of this world becoming a book or anything further.

We love Scythe and want to see this world more! Also any chance of more realistic resources being reprinted? I came to Scythe totally too late to back it, but want to support it any way.

Thanks Bryan! Yep yep. I forgot: compliments for the illustrations. I could put one of those paintings in my living room. Any for sale? Scythe is definitely one of the most beautiful game on the market, and one of the most addictive.

Great mechanics too. There is however a big problem in this game: The facts first: — there is no space for luck — there is little or no interactions between the players for the first 10 to 15 rounds — there is in the original game only five different factions, associated with only five different action boards.

The problem is such: there is only 25 different starting combinations, and because there will be no interactions for the first 15 rounds, it is possible to plan in advance the best course of action for thes 15 first rounds.

However, in the first 15 rounds it is possible to get already 2 or 3 stars. Of course playing that way kills the pleasure… Here is an example: say you have the blue team, and the action board is the one which gives 5 gold at the beginning of the game.

Here is a course of action to follow:. In 14 turns you have already 2 stars, you are two steps away from a third one with bolster , you have plenty of money, and made a few important popularity steps thanks to your monument.

You have moved your hero twice as well, so you had also one encounter. Anyways, this is my general point, you only have 25 different courses of action to plan, and you can secure some advance just by planning in advance.

Well, knowing that, i still bought myself the game, and will play without preplanned strategy. I hope nonetheless that some house rules or expansions will change that a bit.

A simple house rule might be to start the game at a randomly choosen geographical location, but it might mess up a bit the balance of the game….

It is true that Scythe is largely an engine-building game with the order of operations selected by each player, not the influence of other players.

Neither I or our playtesters perceived that as a problem; rather, it was perceived as an asset. In addition to the 25 different combinations of faction mats and player mats, there is also the variable factors of the encounters and objectives.

Thanks Jamey for paying so much attention to our comments! And for your fast reply! The human factor behind the product is very important indeed!

I would love to see those develop further in the extension which will come ;- One wonderful thing about scythe, is that fighting is a way to get stars, but you can make a wonderful game without fighting.

In that sense it is a true strategy game, and not a fighting game unless you play the saxons… Therfore, if i may, i would wish for more objective cards, some would give stars, but some could give bonuses similar to encounters?

Also i would wish for a development of diplomatic relations. So far the fights work wonderfully, the cards and bolster also offer an interesting degree of power of dissuasion.

However would it be possible to encourage player interactions on a commercial level? Say with making workers meet without the presence of armies?

Just a couple of ideas… Anyways i wish to buy the extension board, do you know where i could get that one and have it posted in… Finland? Thanks anyways for the great game, your heavy work and intensive thinking on this project brings us all lots of happy long winter evenings!

Depending of your group, i can see how it could be violent right from the begining of the game. I love the race aspect everywhere : for expansion, for developement, for efficiency, for laying star and end the game.

I love the cold war aspect of the game and the combat system above all, its quick resolution and outcome. I love the gameplay and how the game unfold, fade from itself to let players make the game what they want the game to be.

Now, i have preordered my french retail copy. I hope that i will manage to get the SG above all, the king size board. Thanks Fabrice!

My wife has became tremendously addicted to Scythe, both multiplayer and automa game modes. I blame you, of course XD.

Will the metal coins be sell separately for people who buys the retail edition? Will they be shipped to South America?

They are just stunningly beautiful! Daniela: Yes, the coins will be available separately from retailers.

Loved the Stunning artwork. Great mechanics, you can go deep in the theme. Is there any plans to add exclusive special abilities to the faction leaders in future expansions?

The game is awesome, congratulations. Claudio: Thanks for your question! We actually tried to do that in playtesting—at one point, mech abilities were separate from character abilities.

But we found that players were constantly mixing the abilities together. So we followed their lead and just created one group of mech abilities that applies to all of your mechs and your character.

Finally got to play my first game last night. Fantastic game, the quality of the components is top notch, and the game play is smooth and very fast once everyone has a handle on their options.

The star mechanic for end game timing is great. And if so, which? Morning Players will be selling the French, English, and German versions of Scythe there retail versions.

They may have some of the promo cards there too. I feel that congratulations are at place. So all in all I really liked it and lost terribly with the Saxony because I thought that just attacking everyone would be the way to go, only to lose to my sister who focused on trade and popularity whilst having enough yellow card to force me to attack others who terrible lost :.

Got the Kickstarter Special Edition. Congratulations for the great game! One of the best games I have ever owned. Thanks for doing it Hi, I sadly missed the Kickstarter campaign but heard a lot of good stuff about Scythe!

Yes, this week was the retail release, though it may be hard to find in stores. See the Buy page for Scythe for more info. Just curious: has anyone who ordered from Funagain the US retailer on August 1st received a shipping notice yet?

I received my copy of scythe in germany last week and i have to say that scythe is the best board game i have played until now!

Very balanced, very well crafted and a really brilliant game concept! Thank you for this game! Looking forward for the expansion.

I just got the email offering leftover KS editions and funagain shows them as backordered. Are they sold out already? Kiran: Yes, the only version they appear to still have among our stock of Scythe is the special edition.

We actually do have a team of developers already working on it, though. How will the August 1 newsletter handle the extra Scythe KS stock? Will it be on a first come basis?

I am asking because I am extremely interested in trying to acquire a Collectors Edition, if available. Im from STL and missed the kickstarter but saw this being played at Geekway as my introduction to it and would love to get a collectors edition.

Would pickup in STL be an option if Im lucky enough to get an order for one in before they sell out? Ryan: Thanks! Louis pickup option. Kiran: No, just the retail edition with some promos.

I must admit that TS was kind enough to make Scythe for me—they made it as a product to sell same with Tabletopia. Will you eventually be offering the realistic resources together for Scythe, like you offered as an add-on in the kickstarter?

That will include some realistic resource tokens. Have played it and it is an awesome game. One of my favourites.

The pairs mechanism works really well. So much fun. The combat mechanism is a bit simple but everything else about it is brilliant.

Thanks David! I found combat much harder to design than I ever imagined. It went through iterations maybe even more throughout the design process.

Love the collectors edition — the components actually surpass Viticulture which is tough to do! And the player mats are sheer genius.

Only complaint: sleeves! They were tough to find for the various sizes. But I suppose it would be tough to include the right amount of each type.

Even without sleeves this is still an incredible game. My friends are not pretty good in english so i dont know if i should wait. The release date of the German version is in mid-October, published by Morning Players.

All KS editions are in English. Hello I am sorry i am not sure how else to contact you but i ran into an issue with the Scythe game that was shipped to me.

Unfortunately UPS was also delivering some wine to me during that time, the result is because the wine requires an adult 21 or over to be present for signature they did not leave the Scythe package.

So it is not being sent back, i am not quite sure what to do. Das bei der Endabrechnung zusätzlich ausgezahlte Geld hängt stark vom erspielten Ansehen ab.

Dieses dient als mehrstufiger Multiplikator bei dem für bei Spielende erspielte Sterne, kontrollierte Gebiete auf dem Spielplan und gehaltene Ressourcen die Spieler zusätzliches Geld erhalten.

Diese ergänzt u. Im Jahr folgte die zweite Erweiterung. Asmodee Digital hat eine digitale Version von Scythe angekündigt, welche veröffentlicht wurde.

Your Store. Browse Browse. Community Hub. Scythe transports you to an alternate reality in s Europa, one ravaged by the First World War.

Take up the role of leader by assuming command of one of 5 factions, and set out to conquer the coveted "Factory".

Lead your mechs to war and your people to victory! Recent Reviews:. All Reviews:. The Knights of Unity.

Asmodee Digital. Popular user-defined tags for this product:. Sign In or Open in Steam. Jahrhunderts wunderbar ein und tragen enorm zur Stimmung der Welt von Scythe bei.

Unvermittelt drängt sich dem Betrachtenden die Frage auf: Ist das Spiel so grandios wie es aussieht? Von Nationen, Strategien und fehlender Ausgewogenheit Das Spiel bietet grundsätzlich unterschiedliche Strategien an, die für jede Partie zufällig ausgehändigten Tableaus bieten hohe Varianz und Herausforderung, die zu gefallen wissen.

So muss ich die Besonderheiten meiner Nation und die Bedingungen meines Spielertableaus in ihrem Zusammenspiel effektiv nutzen, um eine Chance auf den Sieg zu haben, was gerade am Anfang nicht immer gelingen will.

Nicht ganz überzeugen konnten mich die unterschiedlichen Sonderfähigkeiten der einzelnen Nationen, einfach weil ich der Meinung bin, dass z.

Es gibt weitere Elemente, die mir nicht ganz ausgewogen scheinen; so sorgten in meinen Testrunden vor allem die Zielkarten häufig für Unmut; genügte es manchen Spielern ein paar gleiche Regionen zu beherrschen, während andere Zielkarten teilweise anspruchsvolle und schwer machbare Anforderungen stellten, die aus Kombinationen einer bestimmten Anzahl Ansehen, Stärke, Mechs o.

Auch die Begegnungskarten wussten nach einiger Zeit nicht mehr ganz so zu überzeugen, bedienen sie schlussendlich das immer gleiche Prinzip vom Ressourcenerhalt, ohne wirkliche Einschränkungen und Aufwand, da ich irgendwie immer etwas bekomme.

Wer Scythe zum ersten Mal sieht, wer sich die Hintergrundgeschichte anschaut, der könnte meinen, es sei ein Kriegsspiel, bei dem es darum geht sich über Gewalt und Krieg die Herrschaft zu sichern.

Das liegt in erster Linie an den Sanktionen, die ein provozierter Krieg mit sich bringt, nämlich der Verlust von Ansehen für jeden vertriebenen Arbeiter des Gegners.

Was thematisch wunderbar umgesetzt wurde, bedingt meines Erachtens jedoch gleichzeitig einen der spielerischen Nachteile von Scythe: Bevor jemand Gebiete zu erobern versucht, spielt er lieber vor sich hin und sucht freie Gebiete auf dem Spielbrett, mit denen einfacher und effektiver Punkte gesammelt werden können.

Das wird mit zunehmender Spielzahl sicherlich schwieriger, da der Platz auf dem Brett weniger ist, aber auch in vielen meiner 4-Spieler-Partien waren Spiele dabei, bei denen ist bis zum Spielende zu maximal vier bis fünf kriegerischen Auseinandersetzungen kam — bei einer Spielzeit von knapp drei Stunden wohlgemerkt.

Hinzu kommt, dass man für gewonnene Kriege höchstens zwei Sterne erhalten kann Ausnahme ist das Sächsische Reich, dieses darf unendlich Sterne für Kriege einheimsen , also auch von diesem Gesichtspunkt aus eher weniger lukrativ wirkt.

Diese doch ungewöhnliche Angabe wirft Fragen auf, die von Herrn Stegmaier auch beantwortet wurden. Demnach ginge eine durchschnittliche Partie von Scythe ungefähr diese knapp zwei Stunden.

Zwar gibt die Anleitung ein paar Tipps, wie man Zeit sparen kann, diese sind jedoch nicht immer umsetzbar. So sagt die Anleitung z.

Hug Hugendubel Der Preis wird aktualisiert Sofort versandfertig, Lieferzeit Werktage. Artikel ausverkauft. SpS Siegpunktsammler Der Preis wird aktualisiert Lieferzeit: Werktage;.

Osi Osiander Der Preis wird aktualisiert Zum Shop. TG Tellurian Games. Scythe: Aufstieg der Fenris.

Jetzt kaufen Bestellbar, 1 - 2 Wochen Lieferzeit. Jetzt kaufen Lieferbar. Jetzt vorbestellen Voraussichtlich lieferbar ab Mitte Februar - Vorbestellbar.

Jetzt kaufen Sofort versandfertig, Lieferfrist Werktage. Preis nicht auslesbar bei Tellurian Games. Preis nicht auslesbar bei Bestpricegeek.

Verfügbarkeit geändert von Unbekannt zu Sofort lieferbar bei Osiander. Verfügbarkeit geändert von Momentan nicht bestellbar zu Lieferzeit: 3 - 5 Werktage bei Magierspiele.

Preis nicht auslesbar bei Osiander. Preis nicht auslesbar bei Buecher DE. Verfügbarkeit geändert von Vorbestellbar zu Sofort versandfertig bei Pegasus Spiele.

Verfügbarkeit geändert von Unbekannt zu Sofort lieferbar bei Hugendubel. Preis nicht auslesbar bei Hugendubel.

Brettspiel Scythe 1/1/ · Scythe is one of the most popular games released in the last decade. It’s engine building mechanics and non-combative, yet competitive gameplay made it a go-to for a lot of board game groups. It still currently ranks as one of the top strategy games on Board Game Geek. Five countries vie for dominance in a war-torn, mech-filled, steampunk s Europe/10(K). Subscribe to our monthly newsletter for important updates and limited offers. Stonemaier GamesFeuerland Spiele. Jede versendete E-Mail erhält einen Abmeldelink, mit dem du dein Abonnement jederzeit widerrufen kannst. The hardcover Em Quoten Vorrunde will probably not be released until next year. The current version of the deck will work with any faction Kassel Bad Wildungen Entfernung or expansion. Sign in to add this item to your wishlist, follow it, or mark it as not interested. Combined with the fast pace per turn and the connection between players because of the conscripts and the sometimes enormous gap closing it keeps all players focused. If not, you should definitely check it out, Jamey. I want to maintain a healthy relationship with retailers, distributors, and customers. I Brettspiel Scythe to gamble, mobilizing troops to conquer more territory and score additional points before the game ended, or setup next turn to gain 8 additional coins while I made the move onto more territory. Later printings of the base game and Spiele Kostenlos Wimmelbilder Automa decks have the replacement cards instead of the original ones, so your decks Griepenstroh already have Game Of Thrones Stammbaum Staffel 2 replacement. Five countries vie for dominance in a war-torn, mech-filled, steampunk s Europe. Scythe uses a streamlined action-selection mechanism (no rounds or phases) to keep gameplay moving at a brisk pace and reduce downtime between turns. While there is plenty of direct conflict, there is no player elimination, nor can units be killed or destroyed. Every part of Scythe has an aspect of engine-building to it. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter for important updates and limited offers. Scythe transports you to an alternate reality in s Europa, one ravaged by the First World War. Take up the role of leader by assuming command of one of 5 factions, and set out to conquer the coveted "Factory". Lead your mechs to war and your people to victory!. In " Scythe" verkörpern 2 bis 5 Spieler (zusätzlich gibt es eine Solovariante, die ich allerdings nicht ausreichend getestet habe, um ein abschließendes und aussagekräftiges Urteil fällen zu können – ich gestehe voll Scham, dass ich einfach kein Solospieler bin) eine von fünf fiktiven Nationen.
Brettspiel Scythe

Brettspiel Scythe

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